Fibre Pillows

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1. Fibre pillows provides cushiness, softness and loftiness.
2. Fibre pillows allows maximum Support, perfect for side sleepers who need to maintain proper alignment .
3. This pillow offers a comfortable support to your back & neck thus making it an ideal choice.
4. Premium fabric will be used in fibre pillow for enhanced feel and is Non – Allergic
5. Unique features of fibre pillow are Washable, durable and Non- Allergic.
6. Fibre pillow offers great support for head and neck so it can keep your head never sink right down to the mattress.
7. Fibre pillow helps to wake up with no more neck pains and headaches.
8. The thickness level of this pillow is perfect for supporting your head and Keeping your spine in line.
9. Our Open Cell Micro fibre have been designed for maximum air flow.

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