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  1. This mattress will be designed according to your needs, taking into consideration, your AGE, WEIGHT, HEIGHT and any PROBLEMS LIKE BACKPAIN.
  2. You can visit our factory, by making a phone call or email and setting up an appointment.
  3. Our designing experts can help you choose the best mattress for all your needs.
  4. We have different selection criteria, based on your requirement.
  5. Special offer for newly wed couples.
  6. We will help you choose the material, size, quality and density.
  7. Our team will explain to you about different types of mattresses.
  8. Mattress will be designed and made right in front of your eyes with your selection.
  9. Please make sure to get the right measurements or we can send one of our technicians to make the measurements.
  10. If you bring the measurements, it is your responsibility and cannot be changed later.
  11. Mattress will be delivered based on the transportation availability on the same day.


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