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  1. If you suffer with Spinal Alignment issues (or) Joint and Back problems, an ORTHO MATTRESS would be your best choice of mattress.
  2. This mattress is mainly targeted towards the joints, neck and back and helps to improve your overall body posture.
  3. This mattress is truly ORTHOPEDIC and helps for a long time to enjoy a high quality of life.
  4. This mattress has two surfaces – ORTHO surface and SOFT surface, which can be used as per your requirement.
  5. HR foam (High Resilience) foam will be used for SOFT surface of ORTHO Mattress.
  6. High Resilience Foam helps for bounce back of mattress which helps to increase the durability of mattress.
  7. ANTI-BACTERIAL KNITTED FABRIC will be used for this mattress.
  8. This fabric is breathable in nature and enhances the blood circulation of the body.
  9. TEN YEARS WARRANTY will be provided.
  10. Available thicknesses 5”, 6” & 8”.
  11. Eliminates Sleeping partner disturbance.
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Dark, Light

THICKNESS in inches

5" Inch, 6" Inch, 8" Inch

SIZE in inches

72*30, 72*36, 72*48, 72*60, 72*72, 75*36, 75*48, 75*60, 75*72, 78*36, 78*48, 78*60, 78*72, 84*72


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