Wedge Pillow

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  1. A Bed wedge is a pillow used for sleeping that is made of moderately firm foam.
  2. Wedge pillow has a triangular shape with a tapered incline that helps the person using the pillow remain in a semi-upright position during sleep.
  3. This pillow is a multi-purpose pillow depending on which side of the pillow is against the bed.
  4. Elevated head and Shoulders to help alleviate symptoms form acid reflux (or) GERD.
  5. Elevated head to help sinuses drain freely when fighting nasal and sinus congestion due to flu (or) colds.
  6. Support for reading and/or eating in bed to remain semi-reclined, when on bed rest.
  7. Elevated legs to reduce pressure on lower back while sleeping (or) during pregnancy.
  8. Elevated legs and feet to help reduce painful swelling due to Oedema and/or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).
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